Foaling at Mane Line Stables

Mane Line Stables a 34-stall horse foaling farm and horse stable located on twenty-five (25) beautiful acres of pastures and wooded trails conveniently located in Elverson, Pa. which is in Chester County, Pa. minutes from the Morgantown, Pa. exit (298) of the Pennsylvania Turnpike and about 3o minutes from Philadelphia, Pa. We typically serve the surrounding, Philadelphia, Berks, Bucks, Delaware, Lancaster, Lebanon, Lehigh, Montgomery, and Northampton counties in Pennsylvania and horses and ponies from New Jersey and New York.

Mane Line Stables offers broodmare care and foaling services for your horse. Our horse foaling care begins with the arrival of your mare at least thirty (30) days prior to foaling for observation and preparation. Mares will be turned out daily in small paddocks and boarded in stalls which are equipped with cameras and monitored (and sometimes baby monitors are put in their stall) by our experienced and qualified foaling staff 24/7. Foaling charges and related service needs can be reviewed during your tour of our horse farm and horse stables.

Horse Foaling Includes

  • Broodmare Care
  • Pre-foaling Care
  • Foaling
  • Post-foaling Care

Mane Line Stables follows strict procedural foaling protocol which includes date of last vaccinations, colostral loss, wax monitoring, time of foaling, placental expulsion and various details of the foal. Most foaling is done late at night or early morning hours when everything is quiet and they are undisturbed. The mare is closely watched for behavior changes before foaling which helps indicate how far along your mare is. The mare is provided a safe environment as their behavior changes could include cranky and restless behavior. The foaling team assist the mare until the foal is born, cleaned, treated, standing and nursing and stand on its own with its mother. Continuous monitoring of the mare and foal follows until all potential complications have passed. In the hours, days and weeks that follow the foal is placed in front of the mare and the imprinting begins.

Mane Line Stables horse boarding and horse farm located in Chester County, Pa. offers a broodmare care, horse foaling and post foaling care. Please call (610) 368-3920 or complete an online request form to schedule your visit to Mane Line Stables to discuss your needs. We welcome the opportunity to board and care for your horse or pony.

"A lovely horse is always an experience…It is an emotional experience of the kind that is spoiled by words."

− Beryl Marklam