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If your looking for a quality horse stable, horse boarding or horse foaling facility to provide hands-on care for your precious horse call or contact Mane Line Stables. Mane Line Stables is located in Elverson, Pa. minutes off the Morgantown exit of the Pa. Turnpike. The facility serves: Philadelphia, Berks, Bucks, Delaware, Lancaster, Lebanon, Lehigh, Montgomery and Northampton counties in Pa. along with New Jersey and New York. Mane Line Stables is a family owned and operated facility and spread across 25+ acres. In addition to providing horse stables, horse boarding and horse foaling services the facility also offers horseback lessons, horse training and riding programs. In short, Mane Line Stables simply loves horses! The facility offers a  clean well kept 34 stall barn to house and care for your horse. We invite you to come and tour our facility in Elverson, Pa. and see what we have to offer and make our home your new home for your horse. It’s a thirty minute ride from Philadelphia, Pa. and you quickly be transformed into a lovely quiet place to come and fully enjoy your horse. We offer horses for sale which are boarded right in our horse stables. Call Mane Line Stables at (610) 368-3920 or complete our online contact form located on our web site Mane Line Stables was formally called Mane Line Farms and changed our name when we purchased and expanded the facility a few years ago.

Horse Foaling Season Begins!

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The staff was busy last week as Mane Line Stables located in Elverson, Pa. welcomed the first foal birth of the season with this little filly. All went well with the delivery and Mom and the new filly are resting and getting to know each other. We will have more on the details of the new foal soon. As normal, the birth occurred in the wee hours of the morning so it was a long day. Mane Line Stables is a 34 stall horse boarding and horse foaling farm and is set to welcome a few more additions to its horse stable shortly. Providing the right care for the mare both with the properly equipped facility and qualified people who are present during the foaling process helps increase the chances of a successful foal delivery. If you are looking for a great place to board your horse or wish to talk about our horse foaling service give us call or complete one of our online request forms and we will call you about our facility.

Horse Lessons For Beginners

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Horseback Riding Lessons at Mane Line StablesNothing is more fun than providing horse riding lessons for beginners and teaching children how to ride a horse at Mane Line Stables. All of us get the opportunity to apply what we have been taught growing up around horses and learned and passing along the knowledge and love of horses to children. Giving horse riding lessons and teaching children and kids how to care for a horse like how to approach a horse, how to brush, how to saddle a horse and then how to simply ride a horse is great. When horse riding lessons for children and kids are provided they generally have no idea what to do on the first day. We teach them everything about how to care for horses and eventually ride a horse and how to pick feet. When we go over how to saddle a horse properly this process and steps take time to learn both English and western which are different and can be tricky. The children learn how to properly mount a horse, which usually starts by taking on a lead and then when the time is right usually after a few months they are already cantering. Just as important to learning how to saddle a horse is unsaddle one by themselves. Horse lessons for kids and children is much more than just learning to ride. it’s about learning to respect and honor their horse and care for it which is all about taking responsibility. We love teaching children and kids horse riding lessons here at Mane Line Stables. For additional information about horse riding lessons and horseback lessons for children and kids of all ages complete our online request form or call us and schedule your visit. As always, bring your horse as we love to show him or her around as well. Mane Line Farms is a 34 stall horse stable, horse farm located on 25 acres in Elverson, Pa. which is Chester County, Pa. The farm is within minutes of the Pa. Turnpike off the Morgantown, Pa. exit (298) located just 30 minutes outside Philadelphia, Pa.

Horse Foaling Season

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Mane-Line-Stables_staffHorse Foaling season at Mane Line Stables located in Elverson, Pa. just outside Philadelphia, Pa. With our first due the first week in February preparations are well underway. We have already prepared things like the “foaling box” which includes towels: a safe stable size and sides, well lite, proper ventilation, easy access for veterinarian, good water supply, access to heating lamps, dip for the umbilicus, banamine injection solution and oxytocin for the mares. The mares are monitored 24/7 and we check the mares to insure they are being given the proper diet and are eating well. We look for other signs during horse foaling in our pre-foaling care checks such as checking udders and comparing them to other mares. Here’s a link to a typical horse foaling kit:  Horse foaling is an exciting time for us at Mane Line Stables as we are so passionate about each and every horse we care for. To learn more about Mane Line Stables horse foaling service complete one of our online request forms or give us a call. Mane Line Stables or mane line farm is a 34 stall horse stable located in Elverson, Pa within Chester County, Pa.

Horse Boarding Facilities

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photoMane Line Stables, a horse boarding facilities located in Elverson, Pa., Chester County recently purchased by Fred & Sue Horner, continues their aggressive expansion and remodeling plan for this lovely 34 stall horse boarding facility. Additional horse stalls were recently added along with the installation of new fencing along the pastures of this 25 acre horse farm located just outside Philadelphia, Pa. Mane Line Stables horse boarding facility is located in Elverson, Pa. and conveniently located to Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware and Lehigh Counties, Pa.

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